About Us

Welcome to Adi's Crafts 'N' Things

Adi's Crafts 'N' Things was founded by Adriana Hill in 2016,
on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. At Adi's Crafts 'N'
Things, we want to help you feel feminine, unique, and always warm. Each of the
designs chosen for our accessories has been chosen for their beautiful details
and feminine style. We also want them to have a vintage style and make you feel
as lovely as any of Jane Austen's characters (Pride and Prejudice, anyone?).

Each of our items here is lovingly and carefully
made by hand, making each of them as unique as you.

We believe in the power of sustainability, and, in this next
season, we will be changing some of the ways we make our products, starting by
switching to only using natural fibers that have been processed here in
Australia. We are also excited about growing our team of makers with wonderful
and skillful Australians as well as working with Australian crochet designers
to bring you beautiful women’s accessories made from beginning to end (as much
as possible) in Australia.


We also believe in the power of a healthy mind and how
crocheting and crafting can help individuals achieve this, which is why we
offer in-person crochet lessons on a regular basis. We believe that having this
sort of community can help in this aspect while also creating an environment
for people to make new friends with a new common interest.


So, whether you choose to purchase one of our unique items or
choose to learn this craft through one of our in-person classes, you will be
helping us contribute to our local communities and other small businesses as




    Adriana was born and raised in Mexico until the age of sixteen. Having been raised
    in a crafts and arts loving family, she always had interest in learning skills
    like quilting, embroidery, and crocheting. She learned to crochet shortly after
    moving to the United States with her family at around age 17.

    In 2010, she moved to Colorado where she met her Aussie-American husband. Six
    months after getting married, they moved to Australia. However, it wasn’t until
    2016, while pregnant with her first baby and making baby blankets, baby booties
    and baby mittens, that she felt a passion to share her skill and start her
    business, Adi’s Crafts ‘N’ Things.

    Throughout the years, she tried to incorporate some of her other crafting
    skills into her business, but she kept coming back to crochet. After having her
    second child, she decided to focus on making women’s accessories and started
    teaching crochet and quilting, helping others learn a skill that is not only
    practical, but that helps their mental health as well.